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Customer Reviews

"Tried this Chocolate with my friends, the chocolate bar was very tasty compared to other shroom chocolate bars. The potency was good for me as it was my first time I ate half the bar. I would recommend this bar over many other brands. "
Terry Dennis
"I believe I had the Milk Chocolate bar. I really enjoyed this chocolate – Creamy, not too sweet, and no off-putting mushroom taste. Good potency per square, made for a lovely treat with coffee while working and studying."
Katy Gilmore
"This is a high-quality chocolate, and I cannot wait to try the other flavors. I went with milk chocolate just to try it out and it is my favorite tasting chocolate. Truly artisan confectionery. All desired effects were met."
David Cox
"Fast shipping, amazing high from the chocolate. Awesome cerebral affects. Just dose as instructions say and enjoy!"
Korey Torres
"Excellent! Very professional service. I would order again. Thanks Dreamland!"
Samuel Kollmorgen
"Great tasting bars! Can't wait to try other flavours. My favourite so far is the Earl Grey!"
Ayad Ausi