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Albino Magic Mushrooms

Dreamland Psychedelics



Product Description

Albino A+ or AA+ mushroom strains represent a large group of psychoactive mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis) or magic mushrooms. Albino A+ are classified as potent psilocybin strains if you want the next level up from golden teachers. This strain is personally one of my favorites, as the high is not too strong and not too light. Beautiful strain I would definitely recommend.

Recommended Dosage — 3000MG GUMMIES

Newbies Intermediates Experts
1 Gummy
2 to 3 Gummies
(600MG to 900MG)
4+ Gummies

Recommended Dosage — 3000MG CHOCOLATE BAR

Newbies Intermediates Experts
1 Square
2 to 3 Squares
(600MG to 900MG)
4+ Squares



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