Psilocybin Gummies


Psilocybin Gummies

Psilocybin Gummies

Experience the delightful journey of microdosing with our Psilocybin Gummies. Crafted with the finest magic mushrooms, these tasty treats offer a convenient and precise way to explore the wonders of psychedelics. Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin, enhancing creativity, focus, and introspection. Elevate your senses and embrace personal growth with Dreamland Psychedelics' premium gummies. Unlock the transformative potential of psilocybin in a delicious and enjoyable form. Treat yourself to a mindful and enlightening experience with our Psilocybin Gummies today.

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Ordered this bar because I like almonds, they did not cheap out on almonds and the bar was fire!!! Dosage was on point as well, great job guys!!


I've purchased a couple of these bars recently, not to sweet and the dark chocolate they put in is enough to mask the flavor of a very potent bar!!! I Highly Recommend this for vegans and people who do not like sweets!!

So Strong

Very strong and had a great trip!!

Nice and Potent

Love this strain, nice strong and potent!

OG strain

order came in a little later then expected but after waiting patiently i was happy to enjoy these little mushrooms on my camping trip. Wish it came sooner because it cause me a lot of anxiety not knowing if i was going to have it for my trip.

overall great experience.

good bang for the buck

3rd time ordering this strain the high was exceptional always comes quick and discreet. Can tell these were fresh and not stale like other websites i order from before. will be ordering more soon!

fast delivery

came in quick for my camping trip and enjoy this strain very much!


Fast delivery, but it had mostly stems not too many caps when i received my order.


always hear the hype about these and got my first order in and wow it was powerful definitely the more potent strains


Great flavor, nice packaging, but found the tin can was hard to open. But overall it was a good treat on my relaxing sundays. Would love to order more but it seems its always out of stock.

Interesting flavor

Salty but sweet at the same time, good balance!


sh*t slaps you across your face!

took 3 squares with my other friends and we were all flying

sooooo gooooood

You can really tell that this is quality chocolate, and how it melts so slowly on your tongue. The flavour is amazing if your into something new and different.

the best

dreamland has the best shroom chocolates in canada. thumbs up!!

not bad

not bad

perfect choice

good strain and very strong!


I got this bar recently and it was good. The bar wasn't too sweet, the strawberry taste was good and also I got super faded. Recommend!!


Magnifiques champignons, superbe effet!!!


The shroom is masked very well into the chocolate!!! Best bar ever!!

nom nom

Not bad.. could feel the effects. A little expensive for 10 gummies... the discount was helpful.


I looove eating sour gummies on the daily basis so I had to try these out. They were easy to eat, sour, and yummy. I hate the taste of raw shrooms so this was a good go to. Good effects too!


I ate it all in one go and had a very great time ~ hehe highly recommend!! :D Will try the other flavors next time uwu uwu


superb taste and superb effects, love the earl grey!

Highly Recommended!!!!!

very good!

Good bar for coffee lovers!

The coffee taste is excellent and I got super faded am happy with this product!